Sunday, January 07, 2007

Wharton West Grand Prix Results: Ariel Wins the Race

After class on Saturday, Loren organized a 10 person Wharton West Grand Prix at Go Cart Racing in Burlingame. So we cruised down there after wine tasting and raced around the track! I think everyone agreed that it was very fun but very intense. Ariel took pole position from Jack in the last few laps to take over the #1 spot. The rest of us were stuck in a pileup!

Here are the final rankings:

1 Ariel

2 Jack

3 Ron

4 Loren

5 Enoch

6 Ken

7 Gagan

8 Judy

9 John

10 Sridevi

Some takeaways:

§ Great way to blow off stress! It was really really fun. If you get 20 people, then I think that they will make a custom track. The other fun thing we could do is to do paintball. Section 1 versus Section 2? I can think of some professors we might want to invite…:)

§ Wharton Competitiveness. As I was slammin’ Loren "The Crash Dummy" into the wall and passing Gagan aka "Ghost Rider", I couldn’t help but get some great satisfaction! Everyone said afterward that their driving on the road was a lot more aggressive than normal, which I’m not sure was a good thing. It was also funny how everyone tuned into the statistics and their rankings that they gave us after the race (see pics if you want to see the numbers). Takeaway: our competitiveness in class translates into the go-cart track too.

§ Need Bigger Helmets. They need to stock some bigger helmets for those of us with bigger heads. I was the only one who fit a size XXL white helmet. I was told that it was quite easy to identify me, as the helmets were colored by size.

§ Black Head Socks are In. What’s better than the ninja head socks? We should wear them to our next group presentation….

Here’s some pics that Loren’s fiancĂ©e Yung took:

Out for now. For those of you who expressed interest in guest blogging, now is the time! So just let me know.

-Chairman P


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