Sunday, May 27, 2007

Elective Selction Suggestion: Golf: For Business & Life

As those of us here in the Silicon Valley know well, it's rare to find fellow golfers even at the highest levels of technology corporations. However, golf is alive and well! I was reading the WSJ online and discovered this article:

A program called "Golf: For Business & Life," sponsored by the PGA of America, underwrites classes at colleges and universities on using golf as a business tool, sometimes for credit. Some 59 schools offered clases (<- look, the WSJ had a typo!) last year, including Stanford and the University of Texas, up from 15 in 2000. Jeff Maynor, a PGA professional who teaches the course at the University of Maryland, focuses on the things you can learn about others -- and yourself -- on the course. Meticulously arranging every detail of a round in advance, from water in the cart to logoed balls, shows thoroughness, he says. Approaching the first tee with confidence rather than offering excuses for a bad back or not having played much recently is a sign of character.

Full article:
Business golf changes course

So the next time we vote on electives, please keep this class in mind for a write-in vote. (Not that we have any choice as the equivalent of being non-voting minority shareholders in a small private corporation, for those of you who are in legal studies this term.) Some of us were saying that we sure would like to have a bit of full disclosure around the LP constraints for the elective pairings. Whatever the alorithm, it seems to come up with non-optimal pairings of courses.

Is the PGA, Calaway or Nike hiring WEMBA grads?

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