Sunday, July 13, 2008

GOLF 720 Trip to Callippe Preserve GC

What do WEMBA grads do after we finish the program? GOLF 720 is in full session, thanks to Thomas and Zia. Eight of us (Bolaji, Keith, Adam, Zia, Cameron, Thomas, Haitao and I) played on Sat 7/12/2008 at Callippe Preserve Golf Course, which is a nice new golf track in Pleasanton. It was my 10th time golfing since we finished WEMBA, which is a nice contrast to the 3 rounds I played the entire year before!

Here's some pics from the outing. We'll be doing a golf event about once a month so let us know if you are interested next time!

-Chairman P

Class 32 golf champ Cameron studies his 30 footer birdie attempt on #18. His putt wasn't good, but he managed to shoot a 77 after making a par on the last hole! That was easily better than anyone else....I shot 89 and let's just say there were lots of scores in the triple digits...

(Left to right, like my ball flight: Zia, Thomas, and Bolaji on the 18th at Callippe.)

Adam chips onto the 18th green. Hint: this wasn't to save par!

Bolaji is looking, looking, and looking for his ball in the hazard. It was a one stroke penalty plus a free drop!


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