Monday, April 12, 2010

When you deduct the cost of your MBA

Every now and then I get some questions from entering Wharton classes on tax deductability of the MBA. So I thought I'd pass along these links:

When you can deduct the cost of your MBA

Hope this is useful!
-Chairman P


MBA Dissertation said...

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andrew said...

Chairman P ... first of all, your blog is terrific and gives a very good account of what do expect for someone like myself looking seriously at WEMBA. I have been unble to find similar resources on kellogg which is the other program I am looking at.
Can you give us some insight into how many hours of study you would put in on a typical non-class week? This will help frame the discussion with my family in terms of time committment etc.

MBA in real estate said...

Good information shared..

Tristan Scott said...

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Sophie said...

Many people have great luck getting sponsorships for an EMBA or MBA so they don't have to worry much about the costs. Getting into a great executive mba school is difficult but worth it.